“Is Love Only for the Pretty People?” & Other Questions About Diverse Literature

I was browsing Goodreads trying to find either YA or NA urban fantasy books whose main characters are dudes who will one day have a romantic relationship with each other. To my surprise, I found a sizable number of them. The book I’m currently writing features two guys as the main characters. Eventually, they fall in love, but the romance is a small subplot considering they have to stop dark creatures from harvesting souls and whatnot in California, while going on their individual personal journeys of something something I will not reveal yet (it’s paranormal urban fantasy, after all). Also, they’re college students. Continue reading

Live Blog: Hwarang Episode 1

So, while watching Goblin, I’m also watching Hwarang, a series about the Hwarang in ancient Korea. This special group of soldiers has been featured before in several other Korean dramas, so I was pretty psyched to learn about a show dedicated to how the Hwarang began. Of course seeing handsome

Live Blog: Goblin Episode 3 (KDrama)

EPISODE SYNOPSIS The Goblin and the Grim Reaper save Eun-tak from the lone sharks. The two immortals learn to live better together, but Eun-tak has promised to never summon the Goblin again after learning about the circumstances of her birth. Her boss, Sunny, finally meets the Grim Reaper and they fight

Coolest Names for Your Badass Dog

Naming a pet drives me crazy – heck, it drives my entire family crazy! Sometimes, we just couldn’t settle on a name. It would be days before a new pet gets a name in our household.