The Author Website of a To-Be Published Writer

I’ve long debated whether to build an author website when I haven’t published a novel yet. But I had read numerous posts by Jane Friedman and other fiction writers about how important it is to be visible.

Because who would read a book no one knows exist? Who would follow an author no one knows about?

Also, blogging is nice. It’s therapeutic and while I do read and buy books from authors without their own blogs or websites, I always like to read author blogs – to see how they interact with their audience, what they’ve got to say about this and that, or how they feel or think about a story.

Either way, this is my attempt to build a platform where I can share about writing with like-minded people, with world in general, and with myself, strange as that may sound.

I just finished a workshop on crime fiction in the Philippines, where I live. I’ll have to wait till January next year to hear about it though (it’s part of an anthology).

Right now I’m working on a novel for NaNoWriMo. It’s a horror novel titled Magnum Opus. The working blurb is:

Vintage picture frame, wood plated, white background

Fifteen-year-old Jack was never fond of parties, and his idea of Halloween involved sitting through a creepy graphic novel or drawing Halloween costumes, until he gets invited to the midnight opening of an art gallery at Dellaway Manor.

But when he arrives at the exclusive, invite-only horror treat, he finds himself marveling at the wax statues, rare paintings, and hollow armors, thinking that he’d been wrong about the eerie-looking house.

Until someone finds the curator at the foot of the staircase, bloody, headless, and very, very dead. Because in the Dellaway Manor, people bleed – and die – for art.

So basically, I’m forcing myself to finish this horror piece while writing short stories and doing my work. It’s tough, and I knew that, but since I had decided to pursue this course of my life, I’m gonna have to see it through.

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