#Spooky All Year! Because Christmas Can Give You the Chills

Spooky-All-Year-banner-6This is my first ever Spooky All Year post because I’d just discover the amazing horror fan blog of The Midnight Society!

Last month, I decided to self-publish a short story titled “Under the Floorboards” because it was Halloween and I was feeling the hype (I think it had something to do with all the Victorian paranormal stuff I’d been reading).

Anyway, the story involves rural and ancient Philippine folklore about creatures called the aswang. They’re basically human-monsters – they are human, except that they eat human flesh and can transform into animals.

“Aswang” from listverse (dot) com

Many tales of aswang sightings are from the rural – provinces and very small towns where houses are a mile away from each other. Their stories are most abundant when there’s a pregnant woman in the house.

Families usually report scratchings on the roof, where the aswang reportedly stalks and waits for everyone to fall asleep so that it can take the unborn child using its very long tongue (by then, this aswang is called tik-tik).

The Philippines, my country, is made up of three main islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and while there are a lot of regions and islands, the story of the aswang basically remains the same everywhere.

So if you’re ever in the Philippines, sipping your coconut juice inside your small, woodsy-smelling, wooden bungalow or hut, keep an eye out for flapping wings on rooftops or strange local people suddenly offering you food.

It’s said that an aswang can turn you into one of them if you eat or drink anything they offer. Sometimes, they can even turn someone just by tapping or patting them.

There are some ways to defeat an aswang like using garlic or a stingray’s tail (buntot-pagi), fashioned into a whip by many local tradesmen who still believe in this lore.

Even people living in the most urban city still hold childlike unease and fear whenever the topic of an aswang comes up.

from the Cryptid Chronicles (dot) tumblr (dot) com

Whenever I was young, I’d often watch out for the wooden windows in our ancestral house, sure that the aswang would come while everyone was asleep.

And even though I consider myself a logical and practical person, I can’t make that fear go away.

But don’t let that drive away from exploring the Philippines (cue: maniacal laugh)!


If you’re interested about the aswang, you can read my short story Under the Floorboards.

Vanessa wanted something better to do for summer, but her boyfriend’s sister is getting married in a little barrio in the Philippines, and she couldn’t say no to the invite.

After hours of a torturous bus ride and cruel mosquitoes, Vanessa finds more than just a quiet little town when she starts seeing and hearing things going bump in the night.

Because in the Philippines, there is a lore about strange creatures that eat human flesh, prowling under wooden houses, and looking for prey.


Under the Floorboards

Available now for free at: iBooks Kobo Scribd B&N

Or download via Google Drive: .epub .mobi .pdf

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