Creepy Dolls are Forever

I wanted to write this last night, but I was too freaked out. I’m a scaredy cat and i’m slightly paranoid. I like talking about and reading horror only when it’s either day time or when I’m with someone else in the room.

As much as I love horror, nothing scares me more than dolls. Chucky, Anabelle, even Slappy, that talking wooden dummy from Goosebumps are freaky. Dolls are made in our image, but they’re hollow. They’re made with limbs that allow them to somewhat mimic human movements, but they’re not sentient. But what if they gain intelligence? And not in the Toy Story kind of way?

I’m sorry in advance for giving you nightmares.

I had dolls when I was younger, but I remember getting creeped out by dolls with blinking eyes.

Who wouldn’t get creeped out by this?!

But that doesn’t compare to my best friend’s experience. She had a rag doll once when she was a small child (FYI the real Anabelle was a rag doll – creepy!). She carried this doll everywhere. I think she had this a year or two after her older sister died of brain tumor.

Her family owns a hardware/construction store, and when she was young, there used to be some construction workers housed in their compound.

At first, the doll was just a doll – normal. Until it suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the strangest places.

One day, my friend left her doll in the room. She went down the living room to do some thing, maybe watch a show. Her aunt saw her and said something like, “Oh, you’re here! I thought you were in the bathroom. I heard running water.”

My friend said no one could be in the bathroom because the two of them were the only ones in the house that day. When they opened the door, they saw the doll staring back at them.

It gave my friend’s aunt the heebee jeebies, but my friend, a young child, merely said, “Oh, there you are! What’re you doing here? Look at you, you’re wet now.”

So she took her doll back to the room.

Other series of incidents occurred around one construction worker that practically led to him quitting the project.

The workers stayed in one house for the duration of the work. According to my friend, this worker would report seeing the doll outside of their bathroom, as if waiting for him. Other times, the doll would be outside the nipa hut where they rested.

Other workers started getting worried, so my friend’s parents decided to “give the doll away”. My friend talked to the doll, thanking it for being a good friend and companion, and wishing it well on its journey to make some other kid happy. They placed it in a box and had someone cart it away.

They never saw the doll again.

… and speaking of dolls, anyone excited to watch The Boy?

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