Coolest Names for Your Badass Dog

Naming a pet drives me crazy – heck, it drives my entire family crazy! Sometimes, we just couldn’t settle on a name. It would be days before a new pet gets a name in our household.

Presently, we have 6 dogs: Bernard (because he looked as big as a St Bernard, according to my dad), Oreo (he’s a black and white terrier), Ponyo (who used to be fat when she was small), Tyrion (yes, named after that Tyrion), Aslan, and Forrest.

We had a bloody GoT-esque war every time we had to name our pet. Our cat is named Felix – and that was easy because he was black and white. So, if you’re finding it difficult to come up with a name for your pet dogs, here are some according to different categories:


Thor, Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Nyx, Nike, Cerberus, Athena, Themis,

Argo/Argus, Leo, Orion, Hercules, Atlas, Fenrir

Fictional Characters

Gambit, Magneto, Cyclops, Krypto, Sherlock, Steele, Batman

Terminator, Sinbad, Hunter, Titania, Remus, Sirius

Celestial Bodies/Elements

Thunder, Astro, Comet, Jupiter, Cosmo, Nova

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