Live Blog: Goblin Episode 3 (KDrama)


The Goblin and the Grim Reaper save Eun-tak from the lone sharks. The two immortals learn to live better together, but Eun-tak has promised to never summon the Goblin again after learning about the circumstances of her birth. Her boss, Sunny, finally meets the Grim Reaper and they fight momentarily over a mysterious green ring. There are hints about the Grim Reaper’s past life. The Goblin is preparing to leave when Eun-tak reveals that she has been able to see the blade all along.

[Beware of spoilers!]


1:45 This show knows how to use dramatic elements to bring out the eerie magic of Korean folklore and urban fantasy. Seriously, the Grim Reaper and the Goblin strutting towards the car – with the camera behind them is pure gold! I so love their cinematography.

Goblin Kdrama

Screenshot: Grim Reaper and Goblin saving Ji Eun-tak


4:06 The Goblin is using his sword! Yes, Kim Shin, you look awesome!

12:46 Deok-hwa proves to be useful sometimes.

13:01 The Goblin loses his composure and throws Doek-hwa’s picture. That was funny.

14:59 What’s that eye thing Kyung Min used? I think I need that if I don’t wanna be panda-eyed forever.

16:03 It’s a good thing Deok-hwa doesn’t have much of an ambition except getting rich. He doesn’t seem to mind getting stuck taking care of his “uncle” as long as he has the money. But I wonder how the company’s going to manage with him as the head.

17:12 When you see a Kpop boyband member, who looks like your king in ancient life, dancing on TV…

17:58 So the Goblin would be able to forgive the king if he was reincarnated into a female Kpop star?

19:22 So nice to see Grim Reapers gathering at the hospital and greeting their seniors and talking about ReaperMail.

20:53 This is one of those “You think you know” moments in this show. Just when you think you know who the Reaper’s gonna take…

23:34 Eun-tak, you can’t escape the Goblin, he’s everywhere in your country… And he looks so cute when he’s pouting.

Goblin Kdrama

Kim Shin so sad…

27:34 Grim Reaper being forced to claim the Goblin as his friend because he’s afraid of an old man. What an awkward, introverted Reaper.

36:21 900 (or so)-year-old guy being manipulated by a 19-year-old girl into buying her food.

38:11 Oh, so now you’re going to annoy the Goblin by telling him the Grim Reaper is more handsome (well, it’s true anyway, but still…).

40:15 Goblin messing with people’s romance. Ugh, I swear, just when you think you know what his intentions were, you get slapped in the face by some unexpected answer. Damn you, Goblin, for always surprising me!

44:43 I wish I had this in my house.

Goblin kdrama

It’s perfect for Instagram photos (if I could be bothered to use my Instagram account).

45:42 Really, you’re gonna ask how Deok-hwa knew he was a Grim Reaper! You two talked about it in front of him back when you were moping and creating a thunderstorm!

46:27 Goblin: You, Grim Reaper, may have been a murderer in your past life!

46:42 Grim Reaper (scandalized): It’s not like you’re being punished for accidentally stepping on an ant!

46:48 Grim Reaper: Why, I never!

46:55 Deok-hwa: He looks like he’s really hurt. What do we do?

46:58 Goblin: Can’t you tell from my expression that I’m clueless, too?

Okay, their conversations are really good. Subtitle people, you are brilliant, too!

47:29 Grim Reaper: What? Why did you come here?

47:35 Goblin: An action to take responsibility. An attempt to become a better person. Colloquially known as an apology.

47:54 Goblin: I don’t care who you were or what you did in your past life.

47:59 Grim Reaper: Really?

48:00 Goblin: Yeah! I’d hate you just the same no matter what you did.

Well, that was certainly a funny conversation.

50:55 Deok-hwa, you’re a worthless future CEO.

51:59 Goblin and Grim Reaper grocery shopping together.

Goblin kdrama

Living together… Shopping together… Being immortal together.

56:44 The green ring! (dun dun dun dun)

57:05 The Grim Reaper has met Sunny! YES!

1:3:27 Oh sure, the Grim Reaper has no phone but he’s got a laptop.

1:12:33 She’s got an umbrella!

1:18:00 Seriously, this show has such beautiful shots…

Goblin Kdrama

Kim Shin found her at the place where they first met.

1:18:33 When someone uses the doorbell for the first time in 60 years…

Goblin Kdrama

How I look when I’m not expecting anyone to drop by.


And that’s the end of Goblin Episode 3! Tune in next time for the next live-blogging!

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