Live Blog: Hwarang Episode 1

So, while watching Goblin, I’m also watching Hwarang, a series about the Hwarang in ancient Korea. This special group of soldiers has been featured before in several other Korean dramas, so I was pretty psyched to learn about a show dedicated to how the Hwarang began. Of course seeing handsome guys living together and going all bromance-y is always up my alley.


0:50 It has a comical/modern feel to it…

02:44 Kwang-soo is here to save the day…

02:55 … and gets beaten up in the next frame

05:45 Meeting the queen who looks like she’s planning to stab someone any minute now…

Hwarang episode 1

Queen “don’t get in my way or I will shank you”

16:33 Damn the young king is seriously handsome… and is probably the prettiest person on the show.

Hwarang episode 1

The king in hiding

23:12 After the hero’s second Save the Cat moment, he shows off his martial arts skills to a pop and thrilling music. It’s like shounen Anime or manga.

23:25 A sentence that could land you in trouble in ancient Korea if you weren’t looking for young and handsome dudes who will be trained to guard royalty:

Hwarang episode 1

Could you guess what this show is about based on this one line?

26:55 What the heck is a True Bone?

30:11 Heh, this girl is funny.

Hwarang episode 1

What a beautiful cute-meet… when you save her then dump her then throw her own shoe at her. For real.

38:58 So politicians send an unprofessional assassin to take on the king?

39:10 Good Lord, the king is only worth 3 bushels of rice. Insulting.

39:39 Unnamed serious-looking commandant, you are one overprotective bodyguard/nanny. Seriously, lighten up.

45:49 Ancient Korea’s “club” – okta… because of the octagon designs?


46:27 AND NOW IT’S SOO HO – OMG IS THAT MINHO FROM SHINEE??? Make sense for “Hwarang” to have boy band members on the show.

57:56 And that’s it for Episode 1!

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