Throwing It Out There: Not Writing Alone

One of the things that stop writers – anyone really – from doing something is FEAR. It’s crippling and annoying and frustrating.

You want to do something, but there’s always something at the back of your mind telling you that you might fail.

That you won’t make it.

That it’s useless to try. Why not just settle for less?

This is why some people don’t finish their passion projects. They don’t finish that gdamn story. They abandon that artwork. Fear fills their thoughts.

One of the things I do to stop this from taking over my mind is to just get out there. It’s like when I feel fear about to creep in, I jump to do what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid of fear.

So I do what I’m afraid of before I become too afraid to do it.

It’s difficult, of course, and some days, it’s much easier to just give in to that fear.

This year, though, I’m determined to overcome my fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being a good enough writer.

To reach the top, you must be humble enough to start at the very bottom.

You can’t expect your first work to immediately an A+ work of art done by an expert. Your first work will never be your best work precisely because you’re still starting.

The only way for an amateur to grow and become better is by practicing, by constantly doing it. A writer must write, after all.

So, don’t toil away in silence.

Recently, I joined Scribophile. It’s a writing community where you can post drafts of your work so that others can give criticisms and suggestions.

I’m an introvert and prone to anxiety attacks when other people read my work. There’s pounding in my ears and my heart beats like I’d just swallowed a crate of Red Bulls.

But that’s exactly why I need to overcome it. If I want to earn a living writing and publishing my stories, I’ll have to get used to people reading and criticizing my work. That’s par for the course.

I’m working on a novella that I’m going to submit to a publishing house and I hope it gets contracted. Either way, I hope to finish it this month.

On top of that, I just decided to put up an incomplete work I did a year ago on Tapastic. It was primarily for comics but it now offers writers tools to upload their work.

It’s lonely to write alone.

I imagine many writers don’t mind being alone, but it’s different when your stories never get to see the light of day. Like I said, you have to get used to people reading your work. The beauty of the internet is that you don’t have to show your face to the people reading your work on platforms like Wattpad.

Also, even if there are only a few people reading your work, having your story on a public platform forces you to finish something or at least get on it with it. It’s not just gathering dust. It’s struggling to fly – which is a whole lot better than just wallowing in its cocoon. Okay, I’m mixing my metaphors now.

All I’m trying to say is: Take a risk. Throw it out there and let people know you’re writing something. Get reviews and comments. Learn from your mistakes. Grow as a writer. Writer another book.

Keep writing.

**Shameless plug: My story on Tapastic is called From the Ashes, a Cinderella retelling featuring a young man named Cendros who has magic and wants to join the kingdom’s elite group of soldiers. He attends the masquerade ball in order to impress the king, but things don’t go according to plan when a bunch of assassins attack. Cendros manages to protect the Crown Prince, but reveals his fire magic by accident. He gets accused of treachery and must hide from both the king who wants his head and the prince who thinks that the man who saved his life is his soulmate.


This is the cover I put together at the last minute. I’ll probably change some stuff after finishing the story, though since it doesn’t really evoke fantasy.

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