About Me

When I first read a Stephen King novel, I thought WTF (In the most innocent and decent way, of course)! I was in elementary, and King’s stories were otherworldy and creepy, but I liked them anyway.

Fast forward to high school where I wrote stories published in the school’s literary folio, which led me into thinking the absurd: that I could teach English in high school, despite not being a people person and an extreme introvert.

After debating with my sanity for three years, I finally pursued fiction writing. I currently work as a fiction ghostwriter and share my love for books through a book blog. Under the pen name, Ann G. Luna, I write stories of the arcane, the uncanny, the fantastical, and the downright strange.

And this blog?

Well, it’s a place where I document what I do and go through as an independently published writer, snippets and thoughts of my writing process, and how I get to wherever I aim to go.


I’m a shameless nerd. I love to read anything from The Count of Monte Cristo to the Six of Crows.

I watch shows that are funny and weird, and shows that are disturbing and creepy.

I listen to Fall Out Boy and jam out to Kerry Ellis’ rock version of Defying Gravity.

I’m a sucker for superhero movies and historical mysteries.

I’m a scaredy cat, but I love horror.

Ice cream is the best.

Anime rocks. And I’m definitely a shounen and shounen-ai fan.

Reading is amazing. Writing is crazy. But I love them to death.

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