Keep your eyes peeled for these stories I’ll be launching soon!

Sword and Shield

I’m currently working on the manuscript of Sword and Shield, the first book in a high fantasy series set in a world with monsters, a region covered in ice and snow and secrets, and soldiers fighting for love and country. The main characters are Lakan vi Sintarum and Rico Riveran, two military officers who, despite their tense history and strained professional relationship, must learn to work together to save their country–and the rest of mankind from terrible monsters.

Lakan and Rico come from the nation of Sintarum, which is located in the Eastern region of this world. The culture and names are heavily influenced by Filipino history and culture.

I’m having fun writing this story, so I hope to finish it by the end of this year or at least before that! I’m a pretty slow writer, though, so I have to write every day–otherwise, I’ll never finish!